“If a civil word or two will render a man happy, he must be a wretch indeed who will not give them to him. Such a disposition is like lighting another man’s candle by one’s own, which loses none of its brilliancy by what the other gains.”
William Penn

In my first blog post here at BarbBrightBlog, I wish to convey my intentions of creating a space for creative, positive expressions of the world. I will not shy away from my belief systems, political or religious. I hope to learn that others connect with me on a number of topics that are currently relevant.

My inclusion of this William Penn quote is one that I truly treasure. I have always held great admiration toward William Penn. He was able to establish a true religious haven for all believers in his state of Pennsylvania, or Penn’s woods. The port of Philadelphia was in fact the port of entry for many of my own relatives. The expansion of America streamed westward where my kin found their own personal haven in the woods of Ohio’s frontier.


2 thoughts on “BarbBrightBlog

  1. This blog is amazing. All of it. Every single entry so far resonates with me in ways I’m not sure I can put words to. Thank you for sharing this piece of your soul.

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