Lake Erie Calm

“When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world.”
John Muir

John Muir was instrumental in the creation of our National Parks systems. He colluded with Teddy Roosevelt, gradually winning the President over toward the protection of great national vistas for future generations to visit and enjoy. On the way to the Tetons a few summers back, our family listened to the book on tape of the beginnings of the national parks by Ken Burns. John Muir probably said more quotable quotes than any man known. He lived and breathed the poetry of the wilderness. His passion for the mountains was evidenced in when he was kept to writing only, slaving at a desk, he would become quite ill. His beloved wife would see the fading Muir and insist on his treks into the wilderness of California and Alaska, where he would soon regain his health and recharge his spirit. His greatest joy was Yosemite. His mission began there and he always yearned to go back one last time.

Lake Erie is my siren of nature. I am so drawn to this beautiful lake that is located so close to me. I grew up at a time when the Lakes were suffering: factories polluted them, others treated them as a convenient dumping ground, and fish lined the shores dead, leaving the atmosphere around them in an awful stench. Environmental awareness kicked in during the 70’s and saved many of these great bodies of water. The Lakes all shine in green emeralds to aqua marine blues now. The wind kicks them up, at times offering white caps and breaking waves on shore. And the winter storms can create the most brilliant of ice formations that rival those of glaciers. I love this place, Lake Erie is my lake, your lake.

Nature is us and we are nature. God is in it all, its creation, its evolution, and its ultimate end. I want my  future grandchildren and their kin to be able to see what it was John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt saw and revered. We must work to maintain these treasures.


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