“Adopt The Pace Of Nature: Her Secret Is Patience.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

So, my blogs were interrupted by a slight accident. For me, walking has been a danger as I have become older. Three weeks ago, I fell indoors just walking down two steps. The result was a broken foot and ankle…six bones in all. The ankle required surgery. As I have healed, I have had much more downtime to think.

Patience is not something that comes easily to me. But as the quote says, it is the pace of nature. I require nature’s time and tenderness to heal the breaks and wounds that took only a minutiae of a second to accomplish. The time passes with me pondering future employment and attending to my teaching, a task that I can manage while recovering. The time passes with me needing others and needing to ask for assistance. And although I insist on doing many things myself, there falls a bright line of distinction between certain things I can and cannot do.

When your world stops, you have an opportunity to reassess much of what you do and what you believe is important.The time passes with me realizing that I often worry about things that never come to fruition. And certainly this thing that happened to me was not even on my list of worries. So I suppose it is human nature to obsess on that which may not happen and then fall victim to those things which are mundane, like walking. Events happen in our lives, we can’t know when or how or why. These events might be good or bad. Hopefully we will adjust. Patience will carry us as we allow nature and time to pull us together and as we adapt to where we find ourselves.

May you find peace and patience in your lives.


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